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Tools and Equipment

Application Tools

The system is applied by what is known as the lay up process and the tools required are as follows.

  • Medium pile rollers connected to an extension handle for the main roof area
  • Small rollers or 50mm brushes to be used for detailing
  • Paddle roller in order to consolidate the fibreglass matting
  • Calibrated buckets to be used to ensure the correct quantity of catalyst is used
  • Trimming knives and scissors for cutting matt
  • Acetone for cleaning re useable tools
  • Protimeter Moisture Metre to measure the moisture content of any substrate

Personal Protective Equipment should be worn at all times and Safety Data Sheets should be consulted for full information

Barrier cream and hand cleaner can be used as secondary protection and cleaning of any exposed areas of skin

Drying Equipment

Industrial wet and dry vacs, clean mops, rags, etc. should be used to remove excess water and the roof left to air dry. Heat from gas torches or electric dryers can damage the system.

All the above tools can be purchased from AFM.

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