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General Health & Safety

Health and Safety

AFM Roofing System


It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that all relevant material safety data sheets are on site at all times. (Copies available from AFM).

All work should be carried out in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To be worn at all times and reference should be made to the Material Safety Data sheets.

Eye protection, gloves, overall's, hard toe non-slip liquid proof boots, hard hats and high visability clothing is essential.

Method Statements / Risk Assessments

A proper method statement should be drawn up together with adequate risk assessments being made of any project

Solvents / odours

Resins have a strong odour and it only takes a few parts per million in the air to detect the odour. Therefore solvents are subject to Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL) set by Environmental legislation. This is the maximum level of solvent in the air usually measured in parts per million to which any individual should be exposed over an 8 hour period or a short term 15 minutes period. Tests have carried out and they indicate that levels within 10% of the WEL which means neither the operatives or people in the building below will not experience any negative effects.

It is advisable to inform any occupant of the building that the process will create odour but will not cause any problems. Also any air intake close to the works should be turned off during the application of the system and closing any doors or windows. It is also advisable not to work in confined spaces which could increase the exposure

Working at Height / Edge Protection

Please refer to the current legislation on the HSE government website

Electrical tools

Only use 110 volt or battery operated tools outdoors, and ensure that the appropriate training has been given

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