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GRP Fibreglass Dormer Roofs

Today's developers are often keen to maximise the space they have within their properties and installing a dormer roof is one effective way to do this.

As well as creating extra room in any given space where it is installed, a dormer roof window can also allow more light to flood into a room, creating an open, airy feel to an area in a home that may otherwise have felt dark and cramped.

Our pre-fabricated GRP Dormer Roofs make the whole process of completing the installation as seamless and time efficient as possible, and all at cost-effective prices that will suit a range of budgets.

Supplied in one piece our new design fibreglass dormer roofs do away with the traditional need to piece together the separate components including the roof, side walls (cheeks) and front wall.

Keeping on top of a renovation schedule can be an ongoing challenge for developers, and our GRP dormers are specially designed to help developers stay on track, taking approximately 15 minutes to install. They also come ready to plasterboard on the inside, meaning that the final finishes for a dormer can get underway the moment it is installed.

Our dormer roofs are an ideal choice for new build properties as their high-quality, fibreglass design means that they are maintenance and leak free, when installed correctly.

To maximise energy efficiency they are manufactured pre-insulated, helping to keep the heat in a property and the draughts out as well as providing long-term energy saving benefits. This insulation also means that our dormers have a very good U value - the measure used to indicate how well insulation guards against heat loss.

To ensure that each dormer perfectly suits your particular needs they are tailor-made to fit your individual requirements. Whether you want a large or small size, or want to reflect the overall design style of a property, we can manufacture a range of styles, sizes and pitch that will tie in perfectly with your desired look.

If you have any questions about our range of dormers including our prices, installation advice, or you would like to place an order please contact us here.

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